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Sailing Lessons (Additional Information)

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Teaches the fundamentals of sailing for novice and younger sailors. Sailors will sail in an N10 with a partner, partners or solo. Sailors will be instructed in rowing, rigging of boats, basic maneuvering, and safety. To advance from Beginner to Advanced Beginner the sailor demonstrates the following skills while sailing alone / independently:

1. How to rig/derig boat.

2. Tie square knot, eight knot, bowline and cleat.

3. Identify major parts of the boat including the main-sheet, boom vang, cunningham/downhaul, outhaul, halyard, blades.

4. Sail upwind (stay close-hauled for the entire upwind leg, should not have trouble getting stuck in irons).

5. Let his/her sail out appropriately on the downwind or reach leg.

6. Know the standard 3 minute dinghy start.

7. Know which tack is starboard/port and port-starboard right of way rules.

The overall importance of this test is to make sure that the child understands the wind. He/she should understand that it is the interaction between the wind and the sail that makes them move, and therefore they must pay attention to their sail, keep the right sail trim, and know where the wind is coming from.

Advanced Beginner: 

Sailors will have passed the Beginner level and should sail solo or with one other partner in an N10. Sailors will work on refining basic sailing techniques and building up to racing.

To advance from Advanced Beginner to Intermediate the sailor demonstrates the following skills while sailing alone / independently:

1. Sail an EFFICIENT upwind course.

2. Show a general understanding of the shape of his/her sail, and how to adjust it.

3. Have a general understanding of the racing rules of sailing including windward/leeward and buoy room.

4. Show efficient tacking method (roll tack, switching hands behind back).

5. Have correct posture in boat.

6. Sail in at least 4 weekend regattas at the MBC. 


Sailors will have passed the skill-set test to pass from Advanced Beginner to Intermediates.  At the intermediate level students will work on the skills they have acquired to this point, as well as further develop their racing strategies.  In order to pass form Intermediates to Racing Tactics, students must demonstrate that they are able to:

1. Begin to sail a TACTICAL race course, start to finish. 

2. Understand the intricacies of sail shape/trim and be comfortable adjusting throughout the race course

3. Understand the more complex racing rules, and the penalties for such rule infractions

4. Roll tacking, weight distribution and balance are part of the sailor’s racing technique

Students must have regular attendance at lessons and sail the majority of weekend regattas.  They should have participated in at least 1 off-lake regatta during the season.

Racing Tactics:

Sailors will have passed Intermediate level. Sailors are taught the advanced tactics of racing using the club's 420 racing boats. This class races most days during lessons and is encouraged to compete both on and off the lake. 
Sailing Program Schedule is subject to change depending on the number of participants enrolled.  The class rosters and finalized schedule will be posted at the club.

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